Gellyball Rules

Big AZ Inflatables Apple Valley CA

The Rules Below Must Be Followed Throughout the Event Duration

  • Listen to the Ref always, even if there was a call made you disagree with. Remember, the refs are human and do their best to ensure a fun and fair game.
  • Masks are always on, when in or around the field, NO EXCEPTIONS. The first-time rule is broken, you forfeit the next game. The second time it’s broken, you are out for the duration.
  • Bystanders Must either wear eye protection or stay 50 feet outside of the field.
  • When hit anywhere on the body, hold your gun up in the air, call yourself out, and head towards the ref.
  • Shooting is only allowed during game sessions. Not Before, not after.
  • Guns are ready when handed out. No adjusting, taking apart or pushing buttons. After matches, the referee will refill ammo.
Big AZ Inflatables Apple Valley CA